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Ellis Chandler

Ellis Chandler

Founding Principal

I am a financial service professional with a mission to help people achieve their financial goals and protect their wealth. I founded EKC Wealth Strategies with the goal of increasing my clients' net worth through innovative financial strategies and a low-risk, low-volatility investment philosophy. My passion for helping others and my desire to see people reach their financial goals are what drive me in my career.

I understand people's challenges in managing their finances, especially during uncertain times. That's why I am dedicated to finding creative ways to redirect my clients' wealth, enhance their estates, and provide a comfortable retirement. I am proud to have helped many people achieve their financial objectives and I am committed to continuing this work.

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife Tracy, and my daughters Courtney and Ellie. I am also an avid golfer, basketball player, and traveler. I also enjoy coaching my daughters' sports teams.

My ultimate goal, along with my colleagues in the industry, is to help one million people get out of debt and build a confident financial future. I believe that by working together, we can help people achieve their dreams and live a life of financial security and peace of mind.