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Our Process

First Meeting

  1. Getting to Know Client: During the first visit, we get to know our clients, understand their financial goals and discuss their current financial situation.
  2. Describe Our Unique Approach: In this step, we explain our unique approach to wealth management and investment strategies, including our low-risk, low-volatility philosophy.
  3. Provide Financial Questionnaire: We provide a financial questionnaire to gather more information about the client's financial situation, goals, and investment preferences.
  4. Explain Compensation: We explain our compensation structure and any potential conflicts of interest.
  5. Discuss Future Introductions: We discuss potential future introductions to other professionals, such as tax and estate planning advisors.

Second Meeting

  1. Review Financial Questionnaire: During the second visit, we review the financial questionnaire and gather additional information as needed.
  2. Find Inefficient Strategies: We identify any inefficient strategies and find opportunities for improvement.
  3. Discuss Alternatives: We present alternative strategies and investments to the client and explain the benefits of each.
  4. Create the Plan: Based on the information gathered and the alternatives discussed, we create a comprehensive financial plan tailored to the client's goals and needs.
  5. Take Action: The final step is taking action, implementing the plan, and regularly reviewing progress towards the client's financial goals.

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