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Why Medical?

High Incomes equal high tax rates!

Medical practitioners, such as doctors, dentists, dermatologists, and optometrists, are often paying a substantial tax bill each year due to their high incomes. GMG’s service line is ideally suited to serve this community, evidenced by our success across the nation in procuring incentives for those in the medical community.

If you are in this industry and own commercial property, you are likely eligible for significant tax savings through GMG’s Cost Segregation service. Furthermore, if you are paying Personal Property Tax on your equipment, GMG can help lower that bill as well!

Why pay more in taxes than you have to? Let GMG go to work for you!

Benefit Snapshots

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Spinal Care Facility

Multiple Properties Georgia

Cost Segregation ~ $336K

Our History

Senior Living Medical

Multiple Properties Florida

Cost Segregation ~ $740K

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