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Why Manufacturing?

Over $100 billion is available for U.S. manufacturers.

There is simply no other single industry with this level of available incentives. Unfortunately, small to mid-sized firms are consistently missing out on these funds. Programs such as the Section 41 Research Credit, Cost Segregation, Property Tax Mitigation, Energy EPAct, and others are potentially available to you.

If you are not a Fortune 100 firm, GMG is your specialized tax incentive advocate and will vigorously work to ensure all eligible monies are captured. If you own a manufacturing firm and are paying taxes, it is time to contact us for a free analysis of your available incentives.

Benefit Snapshots

Our Process

Manufacturing Facility

Equipment/Engineering Michigan

CS + R&D Combined Credits ~ $1.1M

Our History

Manufacturing Facility

Equipment/Engineering Kentucky

Energy Tax Credit ~ $740K

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