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Funeral Homes

Why Funeral Homes?

An often-overlooked industry for federal tax incentives is Funeral Homes. In this industry, the business has often remained “in the family” for many years, even generations. As a result, federal tax incentive eligibility has rarely been investigated.

Fortunately, for Funeral Home owners, there is likely a considerable benefit waiting for them. Since most Funeral Homes have been purchased or constructed for over $1,000,000 and the business is generally paying taxes at a high bracket, they are ideal candidates for the Cost Segregation tax benefit. Furthermore, we have seen many Funeral Homes across the nation undergoing significant renovations, most of which qualify for the benefit as well.

If you own a Funeral Home and have yet to complete an Engineering-based Cost Segregation study, now is the time to investigate this benefit. Your bottom line will thank you!

Benefit Snapshot

Our Process

Funeral Home

2 Property- Michigan

Cost Segregation $136k

Our History

Funeral Home

1 Property – Michigan

Cost Segregation $174k

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