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Your Growth is Our Business

Within any business, there are two areas that are constantly being evaluated to be reduced, taxes and operational costs. Our purpose at EKC Wealth Strategies is to help our clients find unrealized or underutilized tax incentives along with reducing their operational expenses. We have licensed advisors of STRYDE and GMG (Growth Management Group) who have both been in the for front of this industry for over a decade by yielding $4 billion in client savings.

At EKC Wealth Strategies we provide our clients with the highest industry recognized level of service and a single solution to capture the broadest range of federal, state and local tax credits and incentives. Along with GMG and STRYDE we structured our organization and processes to meet all the challenges commonly experienced by companies attempting to capture financial savings and reinvest in their businesses with a focus on each client’s specific industry, circumstances and goals.

Throughout each project our team works side by side with our clients, CPAs and accounting staff to ensure a smooth integration of these lucrative tax credits and operational costs savings.

With a 15-minute meeting we can typically gather enough information about your business to begin the process.

-          Learn About Your Company

-          Identify Potential Tax Incentives and Operational Cost Savings

-          Calculate Potential Tax Credit/Incentive

-          Map Out Necessary Steps to Obtain the Benefit


Property Tax Incentives

Property Tax Incentives

Our Software Searches Hundreds of Local, State and Federal Tax Credits In Real Time... Find out your benefit now.

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Hiring Tax Incentives

Hiring Tax Incentives

Get up to $9600 for each employee you hire!

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