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Specialized Tax Incentives

Businesses let billions of dollars fall by the wayside every year because they do not take advantage of specialized tax benefits.  Below, are just a few that we would look for in your business.

Cost Segregation
Commercial property owners use cost segregation studies to identify and reclassify personal property assets to shorten the depreciation time for taxation purposes thus reducing current income tax obligations.

R&D Tax Credit
The Research and Development Tax Credit enacted in 1981 to encourage American investment in innovation. Manufacturers and other technical based operations often qualify for lucrative tax credits based on qualified activities.

Property Tax Mitigation
Comprehensive property tax review provides a fair and equitable assessment of asset valute with the potential to decrease companies expense and create immediate cash flow for commercial property owners/real estate investors.

Energy EPAct Credit
Energy Policy Act of 2005 allows companies to claim a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per sq. foot for improving efficiency of existing commercial buildings or designing high efficiency into new buildings.

Hiring Incentives/WOTC
Local, State, and Federal tax incentive programs allow employers to reduce taxable liability of private-for-profit employers for the hiring of qualified individuals. Tax credits can range from $2,400 to $9,600 per qualified hire.

IC-DISC/Export Tax Credit
Enacted in 1984 is the last remaining export incentive available to U.S. exporters and can reduce an exporters federal tax rate on a portion of next export income by up to 20 percentage points

Expense Reductions

Our 11 point expense analysis identifies overcharges and billing errors in key expense areas such as Credit Card Merchant Processing, Parcel Shipping, Waste & Recycling, Property Taxes, and Workers Compensation Premiums.

Credit Card Audit

Our Credit Card two-phase approach to expense reduction is unparalleled I the payments industry.  We correct the processing plan to reflect the most competitive plan type and rate, using formulated specific asks of the existing provider.  Our team then works with the client to further reduce the non-negotiable fees through processing optimization, where we can help qualify payment transactions at lower interchange rates by passing through additional processing data.


Waste Audit

Our waste audit service lowers our Client’s monthly expenses for solid waste, medical waste, and recycling disposables by finding billing errors, overcharges and other cost reduction opportunities by evaluating the Client’s invoices, service agreements, equipment, current service levels and pricing structure

-          80% of commercial businesses can benefit and save with a Waste Audit

-          Average Savings per Client is between $3K-$15K annually


WorkComp Audit

Our WorkComp Audit identifies and recovers workers’ compensation premium overcharges by reviewing the past five to seven years of classifications, experience rating calculations and premium audit calculations.  Our experience indicates that over 70% of all companies have been or are currently overcharged for their workers’ compensation premiums.


Shipping Audit

Through our Shipping Audit service, clients can expect to see up to 3% hard dollar savings in the form of refunds from their carrier.  In addition, our clients average an additional 7% savings through the use of our reporting tools and cost saving optimization analytics.  We bill clients monthly based solely on a percentage of the refunds the client receives.  In turn you as an agent are paid monthly for the life of the client.

Financial Services

Corporate Loans Service

For those that are looking for corporate real estate or business purpose financing, we have a consortium of select companies and individuals with expertise in a variety of funding environments. Each member of this group of professionals has been carefully selected for their expertise, knowledge and contacts with their
specific niche markets. This elite group works as a team to find solutions for those in need of financing. We consult on a confidential basis and utilize each other's resources to insure the best possible chance of success.

Retirement Programs

Here at EKC Wealth Strategies, we work with many businesses to facilitate individualized, personalized and proprietary retirement programs. One of the more powerful approaches we use is a front loaded retirement program, called the STRYDE Retirement Program (SRP), created by STRYDE.

While there are many nuances to the methodologies behind the working parts of this structure, the SRP is simply a tool through which a business owner may have the ability to drastically advance their wealth accumulation relative to their retirement planning efforts in a highly tax advantaged manner. This methodology, when applicable, gives business owners the opportunity to take a tax deduction relative to their participation, grow their wealth tax deferred and take distributions out of this retirement planning medium tax free.