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Why Automotive?

Over the years and throughout the country, GMG has successfully worked with nearly every major automotive dealership brand including niche brands such as Harley Davidson.

If you are like many of our Auto Dealer clients, you have been forced to make significant improvements to your facility. These improvements are generally to your show room, office areas and building facade and are often in excess of $1,000,000. These improvements are eligible for Cost Segregation, and potentially 100% Bonus Depreciation!

GMG also specializes in reducing Property Taxes for Auto Dealerships which are often exorbitantly high due to the large lot size. If you own an Auto Dealership and have not completed an Engineering-based Cost Segregation study or Property Tax Review, GMG would love to work with you.

Benefit Snapshots

Our Process

Toyota Dealership

Lakewood, New York

Cost Segregation ~ $87K

Our History

Cadillac Dealership

Novi, Michigan

Segregation ~ $150K

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